A series of 11 videos from various Stakeholders - Founders, Chief Nutritionist, Farmer, Store Manager,
 Processing Unit Employees, etc.
​​​​​​​My Role: Photography, Cinematography, Video Editing,  Sound Mixing, Motion Graphics & Animation
Client: Nandu's

Campaign Teaser

Narendra Pasuparthy - Know Your Meat

Dr. Pattabhirama -  Role of Feeds

Naveen Pasuparthy - Healthy birds, healthy meat.

Harish (Farmer) - Caring for Birds

Hitesh B - Safely Processed Chicken

Somshekar - Safely Processed Mutton

Reshme Gowda - Safely Processed Seafood

Abhishek DN - Cold Storage Transportation

Sampath Kumar - Freshly Cut Meat at Stores

Narendra Pasuparthy - Food Safety

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